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A New Event:
Fundamentals 2

A sincere apology to all our loyal readers for the lengthy time between updates and posts but it’s been an extremely busy late Spring at the dojo as we head into Summer.

Not only have we done a complete $10,000 refit to the dojo to make it the Covid safest space in Southern California (see previous post) but we have also been inundated with classes as well as exiting movie, art, and book projects; all of which we will be discussing in detail in future posts!

And now you can follow along as if you were there through the wonderful photographs by my talented student and excellent photographer, Kevin Mack, who documented the entire class from beginning to end.

Assessing your partner’s interest, and even their submissiveness, through rope with a classic exercise from the ryu (school) of Yukimura Haruki sensei.

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However, today, we are delighted to report on our latest event, which was held on a beautiful day in our spacious, exterior North Hollywood location, in front of a sold-out audience.

This was a class we called “Fundamentals 2” which was, naturally, the follow-up to our “Fundamentals 1” class which we held several months ago. This program was specifically designed for beginner students just learning how to do safe Kinbaku. It was a hands-on event, which meant that it was a couples class where the attendees could practice their rope as they watched ties being done in front of them.

The traditional “two column” tie versus the superior (imho) version from the “caressing” school of Kinbaku.

For those interested and in the Los Angeles area, next time we will go from the simple to the complex when we will be doing an entire event on the philosophy of suspensions.

And, because if its flexibility, the various interesting ties you can do with this wonderful, one rope, two column, hands in front tie. 

And now a demonstration of the “caressing style” of one rope gote. Though never meant for suspensions, it is very easy to do and provides wonderful stimulation for the receptive rope sub as can be seen by the enchanting expressions of our beautiful model Amy.

And after a brief question and answer session, the audience was given some special gifts and an hour to practice what they’ve learned under the careful guidance of senior students Yzen, Remy K Thane, and Z element. A lovely afternoon for everyone!
For most visitors to the dojo these amenities will remain invisible. But for those rope tops and bottoms, photographers, graphic artists and observers who are over 50 or who suffer from health issues that are even more dangerous when exposed to Covid, we hope they will provide some much-needed peace of mind. For us Kinbaku is all about pleasure, beauty and safety, and we always do everything in our power to preserve these pillars of our beautiful art form.
And please join us for our next post when we will be discussing that event, and also giving previews of upcoming and very exciting art, movie, and book projects!

Finally, speaking of books, we close with the announcement that our publishers have just informed us that “The Beauty of Kinbuku” has just crossed the 10,000 mark in sales, making it a legitimate “bestseller” by any publishing standard. Needless-to-say, we are very humbled and flattered. Until next time!