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The LA-based experimental artist and Lady Gaga collaborator uses her body as a paintbrush and swings suspended over a huge canvas in the dangerous Sakasa zuri (head-down suspension). (Rope by Master “K”)
A Halloween special event that combined a presentation on Japanese ghosts and goblins, a display of vintage art from Master “K”'s collection and a life-drawing class with models tied and posed by Master “K”, all with the theme of Japanese ghost stories, mythology and legends.
 A behind-the-scene article from on the set of a photo shoot with world famous high-fashion photographer Michel Comte for the May 2015 issue of GQ Italy. (Rope by Master “K”)
Recent news, events and writings by or about Master K.    (Click thru to read articles.)
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See Master "K's" article about the making of this film @
For those interested in Kinbaku and art, we are delighted to report that a new, deluxe, coffee table sized book by internationally famous fashion and art photographer Michel Comte has recently been published to coincide with two exhibitions of works from his archives. Take a peek inside the book with our slideshow and read a small interview with Master “K” who collaborated on six of the images included.
Great news for fans of superb bondage/Kinbaku illustration! The Sanwa company has just published the third art album by the world-famous Kinbaku illustrator Miyabi Kyodo with a preface in English by Master "K." The book is an ultra high quality, coffee table publication with most of the images being large size and in vivid color.
Exciting news! Nicolas Winding Refn's thriller, starring Elle Fanning and Keanu Reeves, will be premiering at this year's Cannes Film Festival and opening June 2016. Featuring a kinbaku scene with rope by Master "K" you can get a first glimpse of this thriller by viewing the trailer posted here. Click on the picture to the left or the title above.
Since the release of the film “The Neon Demon” and the posting of my long, behind the scenes article on my publisher’s website I have received a number of very intelligent questions from friends and readers regarding the film and the Kinbaku I did for it. I thought I would take the opportunity to answer these questions for the followers of the Master “K” Classes website. 
An interesting find. Recently (on my publisher’s website -, I wrote about the movie “The Neon Demon” for which I had the privilege of doing some Kinbaku. Today I was informed that a cover article about the film has appeared in the July issue of the venerable American Cinematographer Magazine. Those interested in the film or the art of the camera might find this a fascinating read. 

 A glittering event under a starry Hollywood sky thanks to a kind invitation from the world famous performance artist Millie Brown. The intrepid artist, dressed in a skin tight and quite sexy white leotard, used her long flowing hair, body and paint containers to turn a mega thousand dollar BMW sports car into a painted work of art. 
For my friends and those interested, today I'm sharing several original illustrations I just acquired from a used bookstore in Okinawa by the master Kinbaku artist Kobinata Ichimu. 
This past weekend Master "K" had the honor and pleasure of working with and doing Kinbaku for Iliona Blanc, the stunningly beautiful, sexy and talented French singer,
songwriter, actress and model whose first album in English, "French Kiss," will soon hit the airwaves! 
Master “K” was extremely flattered to be asked to collaborate with internationally known, Los Angeles based artist and photographer Melanie Pullen on a new installation/performance piece for this year’s prestigious 2017 LA Art Show.
A fun report from a friend and correspondent in Tokyo—Kinbaku, of all things, was the recent subject of a mainstream women’s talk show!
Master “K” collaborates with internationally renowned, LA based artist Melanie Pullen for the
2017 LA Art Show!
Master "K" interviews prolific author Clair de Lune who is using a kinbaku photograph by Master “K” on the cover of the latest book in her successful BDSM series Prometheus in Chains.
Spring Tiger Ryu recently hosted a satsuei-kai with Master K in Los Angeles where photographers, graphic artists and even a videographer attended and  produced some dramatic images.
Master K demos shibari at a gallery opening where photographers Michael Helms and Perry Gallagher are featured.
 The Bulls use provocative images of kinbaku (erotic rope bondage) to represent the romantic tug-of-war that unfolds in this beautiful and provocative song's lyrics. (Rope by Master “K”)
Most of the time Master "K" teaches private students one on one but, occasionally, he does this for larger groups. A case in point was a recent class that he gave at his private dojo studio space in Los Angeles.
Comedy and Kinbaku. Collaborating with writer/director Honey Lauren on her short film dramedy.
Our Modular Kinbaku (MOD Class) series of five events is starting April 14th. Tickets can be purchased for separate events or the full series. Future topics will be: Candle/Wax, Face + Fingers and Toes, Pressure for Pleasure, and Tied to Tables (and other furniture). INFO and TICKETS on Questions? Contact
Talented singer, songwriter and director Iliona Blanc releases her super sexy kinbaku-laden video "Goldfingers at international film festivals, including its US premiere in Los Angeles!
Sunday, July 7 from 3PM - 6PM Master "K" and zElement will once again host thier Kinbaku 101 introductory class for those interested in exploring Japanese rope art. Click through for more information and tickets.
"A Tribute to John Willie" and "Kinbaku and Bamboo." Two sold out presentations of rope art by Spring Tiger Ryu. Kinbaku (east and west) by Master "K."
Osada Steve in LA.
Master "K" discusses the exciting Satsuei-kai (Japanese bondage photo club event), both in history and today.
The exciting world of Kinbuku and wax was the subject of the latest Spring Tiger Ryu “mod” (for modular) class held recently at our Los Angeles dojo.
Happy holidays from the Spring Tiger Ryu!
The fifth annual "Be My ValenTied" Spring Tiger Ryu event for photographers, artists, students and the curious has just been announced.
Update! A great review for the film "Wives of the Skies" with Kinbaku by Master "K" and Yzen!
A wide-ranging conversation about the essence and essentials of Kinbaku and the varied reactions people can have in this intimate and revealing Domination University podcast. 
Kinbaku in the age of covid--a visit to Second Life.
It is with the greatest pleasure that we announce the release of Honey Lauren’s delightful film “Wives of the Skies” featuring kinbaku by Master "K" on Amazon Prime! See screen captures and more info here.
A second visit to second life.

Fun way to practice with rope.

Thanks to hard work and clever protocols Master "K" and Spring Tiger Ryu can begin hosting classes and events once again.
Master "K" and Spring Tiger Ryu work with director/star Jolene Kim.
A new chapter!
First of three events in the next four months...
Pictures from a great event!

Master "K" announces the new retro-fit installations to make his dojo "Davos safe" against Covid-19.

Fundamentals 2: An exciting event for beginners in North Hollywood.
The August event in our continuing series!
A pop-up rope event at the D2 Gallery during The (LA) Living Room exhibit.
View lots more pictures and descriptions of one of our most successful events ever!
A short video made up of stills from a gentle beginner's class in Japanese kinbaku given by Master "K" on a pleasant summer's day--with a surprise at the end.
See the slideshow!
"Together Alone", by and starring Jolene Kim with rope/shibari/kinbaku by Master K, screens May 11 in DTLA at IndieX Film Fest.