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Behind the Scenes as Master “K” Teaches a Class on Torture Ties!
One of the many things that Master “K” enjoys is teaching the art of Kinbaku to those who have a genuine interest. Most of the time this means teaching private students one on one but, occasionally, he does this for larger groups.

The completed Kemono shibari.
A case in point was a recent class that he gave at a local club in Los Angeles (produced by Spring Tiger Ryu and zElement) which then morphed into a second and then a third class at his private dojo studio space.

The title of the original group class was “Torture Ties.” However, when one uses the phrase torture ties as a class title it’s more of an advertising gimmick than anything else. That's because when we talk about torture ties today we're not talking about the Edo era punishments of feudal Japan that were used to force confessions from criminals (as described in “The Beauty of Kinbaku” by Master “K”) but, instead, we’re describing any Kinbaku tie or position where the willing rope submissive is put under a little bit more stress for their pleasure. There is no real pain or actual “torture” involved but there is a little bit more predicament and/or a little bit more of a  challenge. 

Master "K" and teaching assistant Remy K Thane prepare the Kemono shibari for model Sandra.
Master “K” takes teaching these ties very seriously so when time ran out on the second class being given he immediately invited every participant back for a free, private session at his dojo to complete the curriculum and so make sure that every student understood how the safety and effectiveness of these “torture ties” all depends upon having the right model/partner, the partner having the right interests, physicality and mindset and the rope top possessing the correct variety of shibari techniques necessary to customize each tie for the safety and pleasure of each and every rope bottom. 

Aftercare with Remy K Thane and Sandra.

The Master "K" "predicament" version of the Momo shibari 
(note rope from model Sandra's bound hands up to the support point).

Since photographs of suspensions have become so common, the pictures presented here are behind-the-scenes candid photographs taken during a class which explored two of the more unusual and subtle predicament positions. One was the Kemono (aka Tanuki) or beast tie done in the style of the great Yukimura Haruki sensei and the other was Master “K’s” own more demanding version of the erotic Momo shibari.

 Naturally, this type of bondage isn’t for everyone but there are a fair number of rope subs who enjoy a more stimulating predicament and whether this is due to an interesting floor tie or a full suspension, it’s important that the rope top knows how to do these ties safely so that everyone comes back to earth having had a good time.

All photos by zElement,  © 2018 Spring Tiger Ryu/zElement.