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For most visitors to the dojo these amenities will remain invisible. But for those rope tops and bottoms, photographers, graphic artists and observers who are over 50 or who suffer from health issues that are even more dangerous when exposed to Covid, we hope they will provide some much-needed peace of mind. For us Kinbaku is all about pleasure, beauty and safety, and we always do everything in our power to preserve these pillars of our beautiful art form.
Join us soon for further updates on the exciting projects of Spring Tiger Ryu and Master K Classes! 
Our last experiment posting a short slideshow received a tremendous response, so we thought we’d try it again!

Celebrating Sorayama-
a video
 Please just click below to view the slideshow.
Thanks to Miss zElement and Spring Tiger Ryu. Thanks to Remy K. Thane for his always expert assistance. And special thanks to our two beautiful models, Celice and Violet and to our contributing photographers, Jim and Sirrndr Tumé, for their participation in this event.

Last week in our outdoor location in North Hollywood we presented a tribute to Hajime Sorayama, the world-famous Japanese airbrush artist who has done everything from pin-up art (“Sexy Robots”) to working for George Lucas and helping to design the first robotic dog. This is a follow-up to our extensive chapter on the artist to be found in my book, The Beauty of Kinbaku, available on Amazon. 

In a tribute to him we showed some original art AND duplicated some of the pieces where he featured Kinbaku, western bondage and fetish items. Like the great Japanese photographer Araki, Sorayama uses Kinbaku to enhance and eroticize some of his art and it was both a challenge and a lot of fun to try to duplicate his images for an appreciative audience.