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A Colorful Kinbaku/Art Happening

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For most visitors to the dojo these amenities will remain invisible. But for those rope tops and bottoms, photographers, graphic artists and observers who are over 50 or who suffer from health issues that are even more dangerous when exposed to Covid, we hope they will provide some much-needed peace of mind. For us Kinbaku is all about pleasure, beauty and safety, and we always do everything in our power to preserve these pillars of our beautiful art form.
Since one picture is worth 1000 words we will include 12 lovely photographs here from several gifted photographers and, as a bonus, a short video documentary to give you the entire flavor of the event from beginning to end. These dynamic images were captured by the talented Kevin Mack, and edited by the equally talented E. Souris. And a special thanks to John for all his valuable assistance.
We hope you enjoy this visit to the LA modern art scene where, thanks to Daniela and her team, rope and especially Kinbuku were welcomed and included as legitimate mediums of artistic expression. A fabulous time!
Join us soon for further updates on the exciting projects of Spring Tiger Ryu and Master K Classes! 
Fortunately, my longtime colleague Miss z-Element (co-founder of our Spring Tiger Ryu) was able to organize the complex logistics beautifully, including rehearsal and costume coordination, so that, with the assistance of my talented student Remy K Thane, we could give our best in the brief hour and a half that we had to do the ties and let the spectators view and photograph them.
We were very pleased by the large turnout and the wonderful reception to the models and the work.
It’s been a very busy two months in our Kinbaku world and dojo. Not only have there been numerous classes and events but we have also completed some exciting film work as well as a new book project! All of these will be discussed in future posts but this time out we have something equally exciting and colorful but a little different to share.
In this we were extremely fortunate to have wonderful models join us. They were the world famous Japanese Kinbaku model Marica Hase and the lovely and well-known LA based rope models: Freedomwingsblazing, Celice Almae and Dani Power; all exceptionally beautiful and all well-suited to this type of artistic event.

We were asked to be one of these and our novel mandate was to tie four different models to four different standing sculptures in order to make them bound and integral parts of the artwork.
The concept was a one month long, “pop-up” event featuring some of the more exciting artistic talents in Los Angeles whose work would be exhibited in a living room setting created from a space at the D2 Gallery. In addition to the art on the walls, there would also be standing sculptures, including artistic representations of everyday furniture. Lastly, the one month long show would feature several live performances, including a clever mime and a number of performance artists.
Thanks to a connection made by my good friend and deshi Yzen, my team and I were approached by Daniela Soberman, the well-known LA artist and curator with a request that we join in on a fascinating art show that she was preparing in Westwood, California (home to UCLA).
In order to try to show the breadth of Kinbaku, some classical ties were done (an M-ji shibari and an upper body Karada featuring the famous Buddhist knot) as well as more modern stylings that might better fit into the “fusion” label of rope expression.