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“Goldfingers” Premiere
Update! The music video “Goldfingers” by the enchanting Iliona Blanc and featuring a large helping of Kinbaku has now been released, is on the international film festival circuit and recently had its US premiere in LA!

Coming off successful appearances at several European film festivals, Ms. Blanc’s video “Goldfingers” was screened at the IFS Film Festival in downtown Los Angeles.

The stunningly beautiful, sexy and talented French singer/songwriter/actress/model and director, whose first album “Chipiemania” was released by powerhouse music distributor Polydor/Universal in France (available on Amazon) had already had numerous gigs at high profile venues in the US, including the House of Blues and The Viper Room when she began preparing several new projects and videos. One of these is the erotically themed “Goldfingers” which, happily enough, required some intricate rope bondage. Naturally, I was thrilled to get the call.

I sincerely hope audiences enjoy the video as much as I did when it’s released internationally, and all I can say is that it was a genuine honor to be involved.

However, as delightful as the work was to do, the real pleasure is the video itself. In my humble opinion it’s a terrific piece of work. The song is great, the photography is lovely and Ms. Blanc proves to be not only an exceptional songwriter and performer but also a wonderfully talented music video director.

 What was particularly exciting is that, while most music videos that involve any type of rope bondage often have only very fleeting scenes, this particular project required quite an amount of sophisticated Kinbaku! In fact, the artist and her talented director of photography, Ian Spohr, asked for a variety of looks which included an intricate hand and arm tie (Mae-te-nawa), several serious, full body ties (Ganji garame) and even a fashionista’s Kinbaku bikini costume for modesty’s sake!

For more exciting backstage info on the making of the video please visit
The Beauty of Kinbaku
As the copy from the IFS festival program so accurately and elegantly states –
“A sensual sweet lullaby that narrates the charming Iliona’s endearing fantasy. The hypnotic strokes of her guitar and the sensual touch of her lover transform her lucid dream of no strings attached black and white to golden ecstasy. Dulcet tones and masterful imagery create a sense of 50 shades of freedom in bondage, tying this guitar toting muse to her faceless lover in this captivating modern love story.”
Iliona Blanc (center) on the red carpet at the IFS Fest for the US premiere of "Goldfingers."
Master "K" chats with director/star Iliona Blanc at the IFS Festival.