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 Kinbaku is the Subject of a Mainstream Japanese Women's Talk Show!
A fun report from a friend and correspondent in Tokyo—Kinbaku, of all things, was the recent subject of a mainstream women’s talk show!
Like “The View” in the United States, the panel featured six bright, young, media savvy women, the frantic pace of a typical Japanese T.V. show and lots of outside-the-box subjects. 

Our perky reporter and her male companion were treated to a demonstration of Rina Yuduki’s work which included a suspension. She made a point of stressing that Kinbaku is one of the traditional Japanese arts. 

Screen shot of the Abema Wave talk show panel 
Screen shot of entering the Gallery Bar Amarcord.
Screen shot of Rina Yuduki's Kinbaku in performance.

In the Tokyo Buzz Spot segment the program featured a visit by one of the panel members with Rina Yuduki, the well-known bakushi/mistress who works at the Gallery Bar Amarcord.

Screen shots of  Rina Yuduki's Kinbaku demo.
What was particularly gratifying was that this discussion of Kinbaku as an art turned into a discussion of the Japanese edition of Master “K’s" book “The Beauty of Kinbaku” (known in Japan as the “Social History of Kinbaku” .) Several images from the book as well as the cover were prominently displayed and discussed.
Screen shots from the show.
It seemed our intrepid reporter enjoyed her assignment!

Some excerpts from the show are in the video below, all in Japanese, of course, but the images—and the apparent fun—are universal.