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 Kinbaku in American Cinematographer!
Behind the scenes still of the 3 story suspension from the set of "The Neon Demon."
An interesting find. 

Recently (on my publisher’s website -, I wrote about the movie “The Neon Demon” for which I had the privilege of doing some Kinbaku. Today I was informed that a cover article about the film has appeared in the July issue of the venerable American Cinematographer Magazine. Those interested in the film or the art of the camera might find this a fascinating read. 

For those not familiar with it, American Cinematographer is one of the oldest and most respected film magazines published in the US. First appearing in 1920, it focuses on the art and craft of cinematography, covering domestic and foreign feature productions, television productions, short films, music videos and commercials. The emphasis is on interviews with cinematographers but directors and other filmmakers are often featured. Articles include technical how-to pieces, discussions of tools and technologies and historical features. Over the years it has covered every important film from “Citizen Kane” to the “Godfather.” 

July 2016 cover of American Cinematographer Magazine
As mentioned above, July’s cover story is devoted to “The Neon Demon,” directed by Nicolas Winding Refn and starring Elle Fanning and Keanu Reeves. Whatever one thinks of this horror thriller, one cannot deny its stylish and inventive cinematography and design. These qualities are due in large part to the talented female cinematographer, Argentinean born, Natasha Braier and the film’s skilled designer, Elliott Hostetter. 

While covering so visual a film is typical of the magazine, what dropped my jaw was that, amongst the sumptuous behind the scenes photographs and stills from the film and amidst all the expert and interesting commentary about how these effects were achieved, is an almost full page of pictures showing the 30 foot Kinbaku, reverse Gyaku-ebi suspension. It made me smile and reflect that we in the BDSM world have certainly come some way when photographs of so formerly “underground” an activity as Japanese erotic bondage can be published in so mainstream a magazine. Of course, it’s all a question of context but still …

Page 35 of the July 2016 issue of American Cinematographer
Detail closeup of page 35 of the July 2016 issue of American Cinematographer.