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Michel Comte via Peter McClafferty:
Dear Master K -

Michel...  showed me the layout that is going to run in the May issue of German Interview. I think you are going to be pleased with how the story turned out. While I remember how beautiful the images were when they were posted on set, when I saw them layed out the impact was a big “WOW!” Even on the small iphone screen you could see that the story looks HOT. Michel told me that is one of his top 10 favorite spreads in his career. ...

I was so pleased to read that you were working on a feature - and making good money (hopefully) on the gig! I wish I could take credit for the recommendation - unfortunately, no one has yet approached me for a referral but when they do, you will be the ONLY one on my list! ...

The reason you have earned the respect you have and become “sensei” is because your passion and depth of knowledge on the history and discipline of Kinbaku is VERY apparent.