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 Millie Brown's BMW Event
A glittering event under a starry Hollywood sky thanks to a kind invitation from the world famous performance artist and kinbaku collaborator Millie Brown.

This time it was a perfect combination of avant garde art meets consumerism as before a packed crowd at, of all places, the "world famous" BMW dealership on Wilshire Boulevard, the intrepid artist, dressed in a skin tight and quite sexy white leotard, used her long flowing hair, body and paint containers to turn a mega thousand dollar BMW sports car into a painted work of art. 

A view of the "scene."
An almost surreal event served with champagne and delicious canapés for a cutting edge art "in" crowd.

What was of equal interest to those fans of Japanese rope is that for the entire evening and throughout the performance Ms. Brown's exciting and daring Kinbaku suspension video "Pendulum" was playing on multiple widescreen TVs throughout the venue causing a great deal of comment! 

One of the multiple monitors playing Millie Brown's "Pendulum".
Video from Millie Brown's BMW Event
Exterior of the event.
Comments on the event ranged from – "Absolutely great!" and "Fabulous!" to "What's the point of ruining a beautiful car?" to "The best use I've ever seen of a BMW."

Millie's finished car still on display in the showroom.
Another example of Kinbaku Art reaching into the vanilla world in the USA; this time aboard a BMW! 

A new world . . .