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"Wives of the Skies" now on Amazon Prime!
It is with the greatest pleasure that we announce the release of Honey Lauren’s delightful film “Wives of the Skies” on Amazon Prime!

This is a fitting commercial success to a well-produced and beautifully acted comedy/drama that also contains, as is clear from the attached photos, a fair amount of Kinbuku!

We first mentioned this Cinderella project in earlier posts when it had begun to garner numerous international film festival awards. That success has now been capped by this commercial success and we couldn’t be more pleased. 

However, less this description seem overly frivolous and titillating, I should hastily add that this is a very serious and thoughtful film. It’s wonderfully humorous but also very poignant in its thoughtful treatment of conflicting human emotions and passions. And it’s extremely artful in its use of visual symbolism.

Without giving too much away, the plot of this short involves two beautiful 1960s airline stewardesses, a lecherous English TV documentary producer and his surprise when he learns about some of the women’s extracurricular pastimes.

 When my good friend and student Yzen introduced me to Honey Lauren for this project I was immediately impressed by both the script and the professionalism of the production. Rehearsals with the talented cast went smoothly (see previous posts (12) for details and more stills) and the production was a delight to work on, both for myself and Yzen whose contributions to the film’s rope art were considerable.

Congratulations to all involved and many thanks to Honey Lauren for permission to use new stills from the film and also the lovely poster!

We recommend it highly and for those interested in seeing it here is the direct link to its location on Amazon prime.

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All screenshots used here with permission from Honey Lauren. All rights reserved.

Please see below for screenshots of the cast and several rope sequences in the film.